Matte Carbon Fibre 3D

Carbon fibre 3D is the original carbon fibre look in matt textured weave pattern. It can be used on exteriors and interiors of cars and any other surface to give a modern, powerful look. Our Carbon Fibre 3D wrap comes with air channels for an easy, bubble free installation.

Automotive-grade premium high quality cast vinyl conforms to the most challenging contours and shapes and can be re-lifted, re-positioned and stretched before going over with a squeegee.When applied correctly to the appropriate hard surface,

The film is very durable Any creases or folds will come out when headed by a hairdryer or heat gun. This process will not harm painted surfaces.Can be easily re-positioned during application and does not leave adhesive residue behind.

Top-quality German adhesive with built-in air channels for easy, bubble-free installation. Easily remove without residue, and will not harm the painted surface of your vehicle.Durable material coated with a UV protective layer and resistant to water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acid.