Chrome Purple-Blue Rainbow

The CSK Hologram finish vinyl collection offers beautiful colors in a film that is made to create a unique, rainbow finish for a fraction of the price of paint. With a micro-finished surface, this matte film is easy to clean, maintain and install and features a scratch, grime, dirt and water-resistant finish. The acrylic-based, air release adhesive is repositionable and removable, making any wrap project a breeze.

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Our vinyl wrap doesn’t just look stylish – it’s incredibly flexible and is a certified automotive wrap vinyl unlike 3M DI-NOC, which is an interior design film. Our vinyl is a must-have for full body wraps. Can be applied to your car’s hood, boot, roof, dashboard, gauges, interior, amplifiers, wheels, mirrors, door handles, glass, and also to cell phones, laptops, iPods, motorcycle parts, metal parts and just about any relatively non-porous surface.

The film is protected with a UV coating. Once applied and bonded to your surface, you may clean it with any type of cleaning agent that is used for painted surfaces. The material is soft and highly flexible, allowing it to conform to contours and bend easily. After applying the Vinyl Sheet, simply trim the excess vinyl with a sharp blade or hobby knife (not included). What you have left is a customized look without the headaches and costs associated with spraying.

  • Automative-grade premium high quality cast vinyl conforms to the most challenging contours and shapes and can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched before going over with a squeegee.
  • When applied correctly to the appropriate hard surface, the film is very durable.
  • Any creases or folds will come out when headed by a hairdryer or heat gun. This process will not harm painted surfaces.
  • Can be easily repositioned during application and does not leave adhesive residue behind.
  • Grid pattern backing for more precise measuring and cutting.
  • Top-quality German adhesive with built-in air channels for easy, bubble-free installation. Easily remove without residue, and will not harm the painted surface of your vehicle.
  • Durable material coated with a UV protective layer and resistant to water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acid and oil.


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